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Batteries Europe: Position Papers on Cross-Cutting Topics 2024

Batteries Europe and the Batteries European Partnership Association (BEPA) have released five comprehensive position papers for 2024. These documents, created through collaborative efforts, focus on critical issues in the battery sector. The covered topics include:

  1. Education and skills: addressing the need for specialized education and skill development in the battery industry.
  2. Sustainability: strategies for enhancing the sustainability of battery production and lifecycle.
  3. Safety: enhancing safety standards and protocols in battery manufacturing and usage.
  4. Social sciences & humanities: integrating social and humanistic perspectives into battery research and development.
  5. Digitalisation: exploring the impact of digital technologies on the battery sector.
  6. Hybridisation: focusing on the integration of different energy storage technologies.

These position papers aim to guide future research, policy-making, and industry practices to foster a more innovative, sustainable, and safe battery ecosystem in Europe.

Hybridisation Focus

The position paper on hybridisation, chaired by Dr. Pilar Meneses from CIDETEC, a partner of the NEMOSHIP project, emphasizes combining various energy storage technologies to optimize performance, cost-efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. Hybridisation can integrate electrochemical, chemical, and thermal storage devices, ensuring flexibility and durability in energy storage systems. The paper outlines the importance of advancements in power electronics, communication hardware, digital tools, and policy implications to support the widespread adoption of hybrid energy storage systems.

For more detailed information, you can visit the Batteries Europe website.