New modular electrical
architecture & digital
platform to optimise large
battery systems on ships

The NEMOSHIP consortium met on 5 April for a technical meeting focusing on PONANT’s ship, “Le Commandant Charcot”

NEMOSHIP met for a technical meeting focusing on the vessel from Ponant, “Le Commandant Charcot” which will be used in WP6 for demonstration of NEMOSHIP digital platform innovation.  

This vessel is a polar exploration passenger vessel of 31,700 UMS built in 2021 and equipped with the latest technologies to reduce its carbon footprint. The vessel is equipped with 6 dual fuel engines (total power 42 MW) using LNG as fuel, stored in membrane tanks of 4,500 m3 to supply an electrical propulsion system composed of 2 azimuth PODs. The electrical grid is supported by 4.5 MWh of Li-Ion batteries from the ORCA series, delivered by CORVUS. In practice, two batteries systems of 2260 kWh each have been connected on each side of the 11 kV main switchboard in two dedicated energy storage rooms. 

The meeting took place on April 5th in Brest (France) where the vessel was at dry dock for a couple more days. The visit took us through all the vessel, from the control rooms to the batteries and engine rooms. We had the opportunity to talk with the crew and we collected lots of valuable learnings and information that will feed in the digital platform and energy management algorithms development. For example, we learnt how the battery system was operated by the crew, what are the parameters impacting battery use decisions and we discussed what the NEMOSHIP platform could bring to further optimise battery utilisation. 

More about the impact on Le Commandant Charcot vessel of the NEMOSHIP innovation being developed will be available in the public Deliverable 6.3 towards the end of the project in 2026. Keep an eye on our website !